“We Used To Believe”

When you were younger, did you ever believe something which turned out not to be true? How about recently?

1a-WUTB-Produced by Ben

1b-WUTB-Produced by Trenton and Ben

1c-WUTB-Produced by Alice Tierney and Haniya

1d-WUTB-Produced by Jack and Owen

2a-WUTB-Produced by Chris

2b-WUTB-Produced by Thomas and Cooper

2c-WUTB-Produced by Mia and Kristina

2d-WUTB-Produced by Fritz and Frederick

3a-WUTB-Produced by Cameron and James

3b-WUTB-Produced by Maxi and Pressley

4a-WUTB-Produced by Allison and Nina

4b-WUTB-Produced by Bert and Harry

5a-WUTB-Produced by Aliana and Sophie

5b-WUTB-Produced by Max and Govind

5c-WUTB-Produced by Thandi and Viv

Working with a partner or on their own, the students of Third Grade Audio created “mini-audio collages” inspired by the topic, “We used to Believe…”  As they did their sound editing, students took into consideration: clip order, overlapping voices, background music, the use of silence, additional recorded narration or introductions and vocal effects while designing their mini-collages. While some groups started with the same set of audio clips, they produced mini-collages that were quite different from one another in terms of sound, mood, and narrative emphasis. The series could be viewed as “Variations on an Audio Theme.”

These mini-collages represent the most independent production work done by the third graders posted thus far. They should be considered the primary producers of the pieces, with only minimal additional production (tweaking here and there, adjusting levels) done by David Green.

Third Grade Audio
“See” the world through third grade ears

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