School Scenes Series

Third Graders take listeners on a memory tour of their lives at school, recalling events  from kindergarten to third grade.

These stories were originally part of a site-specific audio tour of our school written and recorded by third graders. The stories recount school memories which are tied to specific locations, landmarks and objects on campus.

While these pieces were originally created to be listened to on-site, they can be enjoyed on their own as well. We also recommend that you listen using headphones.

During the tour, listeners using portable audio players move from place to place, playing the corresponding stories. They are told to stand or sit in specific spots (the front steps of the school, Row N in the auditorium) or notice certain objects (a twisted seat belt on the school bus, the tire swing on the playground.) The third graders narrate their own stories and also question listeners (“Do you ever walk backwards?  Did you ever do something that you weren’t supposed to do?”)


Chris recalls the complications which ensue when a seven-year-old’s curiosity and impulsiveness combine with an inclination to follow the rules. Ultimately, a bit of first grade ingenuity solves the problem.

School Bus

“You are about to hear the most horrifying story of your life.” So begins Hannah’s tale of two eight-year-olds, a school bus ride and a scary book which they could not stop reading.


Why was Stephanie late to gym class? After a year of silence, she finally reveals what happened one day back in second grade.

Communityville (1st Grade Room

After studying the community around them, the first graders built Communityville in their classroom. Nine-year-old Madison takes you on a tour, recounting all the creative and imaginative play which ensued while playing in the town.


Evan relates the excitement of a group of seven-year-olds when they were finally allowed to have something other than milk or juice for lunch – blue sports drink. Little did they know how fleeting this pleasure would turn out to be.

Loose Tooth (1st Grade Room)

The incredible, true tale of William, who lost two teeth two days in a row! Not one to sit around, William took matters into his own hands when his loose teeth refused to fall out on their own.

2nd Grade Room

Gerbil runs amok! John recounts a day in second grade when the class pet decided to make a break for it, helped by some careless eight-year-olds.

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