Berlin Audio Exchange

A series of international audio exchanges between the third graders of North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka, IL and a class of 1st-3rd grade students in Berlin, Germany.

The goal of the Audio Exchange is to “meet” students elsewhere in the world through recordings –  sharing audio pieces which capture our specific and unique cultures and which provide a sonic picture into everyday life.

Jay Allison, one of the founders of National Public Radio, created a Sister Station Project between his radio station on Cape Cod and a station in the Gobi desert. This served as the inspiration for our own audio exchange efforts.

LISTEN TO Mimai’s Audio Letter (Exchange #1): In January, we received this audio letter from Mimai, a seven-year-old girl who lives and goes to school in Berlin. She asked us questions about our school, about where we live and about the United States.

LISTEN TO Assembly-Audio Exchange Description (Exchange #2):  During an all-school assembly, we shared our Berlin Audio Exchange project with all the students and faculty of our  (preK – 12th grade) school. We described the project, played Mimai’s message and then read some of our responses to her, which we subsequently recorded. (see below)

[Coming Soon:  LISTEN TO “Hello”   (Exchange #3):  We sent this short greeting to Mimai and her classmates, introducing ourselves.]

LISTEN TO Our School 1 (Exchange #4):  An audio collage we sent to Berlin which tells about our school.

LISTEN TO Our School 2 (Exchange #5):  Another audio collage we sent to Berlin with more information about our school.

[After doing some research, like any good radio reporter, about Berlin and Germany, we sent Mimai questions about her school, city and country. Mimai and her classmates are currently working on an audio response to our questions. We can’t wait for this next installment in our audio exchange.]

Third Grade Audio
“See” the world through third grade ears

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