Great Depression Project

“When Enough Was Enough” — Stories of the Great Depression — A joint project of the 3rd and 11th graders of North Shore Country Day School examining Music and Social Change, Woody Guthrie and the era of the Great Depression.

LISTEN TO Great Depression Memories #1

A husband and wife, Robert and Susan Green, both born the year the Great Depression began, share some stories from when they were children living in Chicago.

LISTEN TO Great Depression Memories #2

Betty Green, born in 1905, and her two children Robert and Dorie, recall some family memories from the Great Depression.

Third Grade Audio

“See” the world through third grade ears

* This project was made possible by a grant from the Franke Family Fund, which will annually provide the opportunity for faculty to enhance students’ experience during a given academic year. The intention of the fund is to encourage faculty to develop creative and unique ideas that are: school-wide in scope, broad in interpretation and application and significantly and positively impact the school community.

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