Korean Exchange Student

This past January (2009) the students of Third Grade Audio hosted a South Korean exchange student, Duke (his English nickname) for one month. For his surprise goodbye party at the end of his stay, we created two audio pieces for him:


Time for South Korea’s most popular (and pretend) call-in radio show.  So, tune in and learn about  South Korea and the life of the show’s host, Duke. Also discover what kind of information third grade radio reporters wanted to know most.

In class, with Duke safely out of the room, the third graders wrote and recorded questions they wanted to ask Duke: about himself, about his life in Korea, about South Korea and about his experience with us at school. We are still learning to be good radio interviewers, and we discussed how different kinds of questions, or how one frames a question will yield richer, more interesting answers from the interview subject. We spun the recorded questions into a pretend call-in radio show called “Ask Duke,” complete with English and Korean announcers, sound effects, music and actual Korean commercial breaks. We played the show for Duke and after each question paused it and recorded his answer. Afterwards, We wove his answers into the recording, creating the final, complete “Ask Duke”  Q. and A. radio show.

LISTEN TO “We Will Miss You”

This is an audio poem we made to say “goodbye” to our South Korean friend who spent a month in third grade with us this January  (2009). It is adapted from the poem “Welcome Back” by Georgia Heard.

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