Stuffed Animal Series

Did you have a special stuffed animal when you were little?

The third grade recorded recollections and stories about their own stuffed animals and dolls and wove them into a series of audio collages. Names, descriptions, stories as well as testaments of  love and indifference were captured.  From the cherished to the forgotten, from the magical to the mundane, from the serious to the silly, take a peek into a small part of the world as experienced and recounted by eight and nine-year olds.

LISTEN TO Stuffed Animals 1

In this first of three audio collages, third graders entertain each other with tales of stuffed animals, revealing the important place such dolls hold in the lives of children as objects of both love and distraction.

LISTEN TO Stuffed Animals 2

In this second of three audio collages, four third grade girls with a digital recorder find a quiet hallway and interview one another about their special stuffed animals for a class assignment. Sometimes on task, sometimes not.

LISTEN TO Stuffed Animals 3

In this third of three audio collages, to name it is to give it life.

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